Love is not about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship. It's not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end.

Monday, January 31, 2011

..i'm becoming domestic..

..matt surprised me with this for Christmas this year..'s one of those things that i think i've mentioned maybe twice about wanting but would never get it because we have no room and i have zero time to do anything with it. it was the perfect present though. i've been really excited to put something together.. fact i was so excited that i spent an evening at joann's picking out this fabric..

..and since then i've spent hours cutting out hundreds of pieces like this.. strange as it sounds..because i was cutting so much i got tennis elbow. ridiculous i know..
..anyways i spend this last sunday using my martha stewart approved singer to put together this..

..cute right? super excited about my domesticness? you betcha..

Saturday, January 29, 2011

..reunion.. honor of homecoming week my office hosted a reunion for all the students that were on student council since 1941 when the school first opened.
our office does this every 5 years. it was really fun to meet i've heard about and visit with friends from college..
..if you didn't know.. i LOVED my experience at UVSC and i met some of my very best friends while i was involved in student government. it was a gre
at time of my life and helped shape the person that i am today..

..needless to say it was great fun seeing these two besties..

..and to visit with these folks was a blast. i'm so blessed with friends i have and how easy it is to pick up with them where we left off..

Saturday, January 22, 2011

..winter wonderland..

..sometimes i wish i enjoyed snow more. but i don't. i like it in the mountains but not in the streets. i'll even say that i enjoy it on the lawn but hate it when its on the sidewalks and driveway. way to risky for individuals like myself (the freak accident prone type). honestly, i like to look at it but thats about it. its cold, wet, and blah. i'm fine when i can pick and choose when i participate in my snow filled leisureactivities. last night was one of those moments of choice. matt and i have made it a tradition to go to soldiers hollow every year (given its only been two years) and go tubing. its so fun! we sit in these huge inner tubes, get pulled up the mountain on this pulley thing, and then scream our guts out as we tube down this giant hill. i always freak out and get nervous my legs are going to snap in half because you have to drag your feet to stop. oh but it is so fun! plus i don't know how other married couples are but it is nice to get out and do something outside the usual work and school routine. plus we saw moosen!! they were huge..

Monday, January 3, 2011

..tennessee christmas..

..we spent Christmas in tennessee this year with matt's family. it was such a fun trip. it was great to spend time with our family that live almost 2,000 miles away. we flew in super late on December 23rd, spent Christmas eve playing games (cranium has become a family favorite for sure!), and Christmas day was full of aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins and presents. on thanksgiving grandma and grandpa king drew names for everyone and we had the month to do secret detective work to figure out what we should get our person. it's supposed to be a surprise but everyone seems to have figured out by Christmas morning. matt and i decided we wanted to do something special for his family for the holiday so for the last couple months we've been collecting pictures of everyone from when they were young all the way up to this year. we put them together along with important family dates and had a calendar printed for everyone. it was really fun to do and it helped me have a better understanding of his family history. i feel a lot closer to his side of our family and i'm excited to do some more family history in the future..

..these are some of the calendar pages we put together. it was so fun to do..

..from top to bottom-dan, dad king, matt, jared..

..matt and jared playing the skittle game. disgusting is all i have to say about that. boys will be boys..

..a couple days after Christmas we made the wonderful and exciting drive to florida for my sister in law's wedding. she actually married the brother of a friend of mine from college AND he served in our mission. we didn't know him but's such a small world..

..i'll be honest. we aren't the biggest fans of car trips..

..not only was the weather outstanding but the wedding was just amazing. their sealing was a lot different than any sealing i've been to. the sealer didn't give the traditional spiritual reminder about the sacredness of the ordinance. he just asked if everyone was there and performed the sealing. it was beautiful. it was such a great reminder of the significance of the covenants you make over the alter. none of the fluff matters it's the covenants that matter. they had a small reception at a park with a pier on the water. it was gorgeous and i got to put my long lost event planning skills into action so that was really fun. i forgot how much i missed those kind of things..

..our time in florida was a blast! i've never been there and i'd have to say that i loved the palm trees everywhere. obviously with the holiday, orlando was pretty busy and so getting a hotel was a bit of a struggle but with the endless efforts of matt's mom we got a sweet hook up at the "sister hotel" of a cheap, local hotel.

..this is the view from the main road..
does that look like it would be connected to a local, cheap hotel in any way?? it was amazing! outside our window were 3 huge heated pools, volleyball courts, and a golf course. it was awesome and only cost us maybe $100.00 a night. we totally lucked out. matt and i are really wanting to take a family trip out there in the summer and go to disney world before his brother leaves on his mission. leaving the 71 degree weather for a mini 11 degree blizzard was not fun..

..if all the rain drops were lemon drops and gum drops.. my rainboots..
i love them. matt got them for me as a "2 days after christmas present" as we were roaming the isles of walmart. don't worry that i've been looking for a cute pair since i was on my mission. i was never successful. i walk through snow and puddles on purpose. why? because i simply can..