Love is not about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship. It's not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

..grown up purchase.. you see that??? that my friends is 5 washers full of laundry. 5. not to mention that fact that 2 of those washers were the rough n' tough, double capacity, gigantic washers! luckily i could put everything in at once to wash and then again to dry. honestly i would recommend the dryers i used to homeless people to use as shelter. they are HUGE. so needless to say that 2 hours and $17.50 later our laundry for the last month or so was done and matt was very excited to have clean under-roo's for the next day since he was on his last pair..
..because of my regular trip to the local laundry mat a few months ago we began a diligent quest of saving and searching for an affordable washer and dryer. we've gone back and forth between new or used and when we think we should make that big leap and buy them. i'm proud to say that we conquered our battle. tonight we went by the local homedepot to buy a couple nails for a project i'm doing and upon walking in we noticed this little beauty..
..please note the sign...and matt's incredibly cheesy excited face.. case you can't read it that little sign says the $699.00 washer is available for purchase (only until 10 pm) for $297.00..wicked sweet deal?? i think yes. with that said we are now the proud owners of a washer and dryer set. we were definitely in the right place at the right time. literally. now that mess up top will no longer occur. thank heavens..

...i must say though..i feel that the purchase of a washer and dryer is very grown mom makes those types of purchases..not her baby girl..kind of crazy..

Sunday, September 5, 2010

..the blessing of a baby..

..hello king family (minus dan)..'s amazing to me how much the gospel of Jesus
Christ blesses our lives. first and foremost families centered on Christ grow closer together. it's the most powerful foundation a family can be established on regardless of if you are me
mbers of the LDS church or not. Jesus Christ lives and provides us with the strength we need to overcome trials and hardships, provides us the hope weneed for the future, and blesses us with bonds and direction we need to grow and become our very best. i'm so thankful that the authority of God was restored to earth through the Prophet Joseph Smith and is available to worthy men today. today our family was blessed because of that priesthood. today our adorable nephew seth hyrum was given a blessing promising him the strength and discipline he would need to overcome temptation and be an example to all he encounters through his life. it was a beautiful blessing. the day was full of the Spirit as we heard the testimonies of some sitting in the congregation. i love when someone bears their testimony of the Savior. it is always a powerful experience. plus at such a young age little seth has already brought about great miracles. because of his birth and his parents choice to have him blessed in the LDS church, his grandparents of course had to be there. because grandpa and grandma king came to visit, grandma king took advantage of the time she had in utah to visit with a family member who she hasn't seen for many many years. this family member was reunited with family she didn't know she had. it was so fun to get to know her and her family and plans have already been made to gather together again soon. so like i said seth has brought unity to a family. bonds that didn't exist before have been established and friendships have been created.
it's an exciting thing i'd say..

..we loved having our family in utah to visit. we had some much fun playing disc golf (which i gladly chose not to participate in), going to dinner, playing games, and of course picking on jared and emily..

..i love this picture. everyone in true fashion. i especially love jared's face.. i appreciate this picture? i'm not sure..

..i love my husband..

Saturday, September 4, 2010 yearo.. year ago today matt and i went on our first date. can you believe time has gone that fast? since that date a year ago we've been pretty much inseparable. i spent many late nights making that wonderfully boring commute from salt lake to provo. in celebration matt took me out on our first date again. an evening full of mini golf, cafe rio, a walk in the park, a little star gazing and of course a little hand holding action. except tonight we only got to the mini golf. we ate a late lunch and so we weren't hungry for the rio and we cruised through the golf course thanks to the byu football game. no one was around for miles. because we went through the course so quick and skipped dinner it wasn't dark enough to walk through the park flirting and looking at the stars. plus we have family in town for our nephew's baby blessing so we took advantage of our extra time and spent it with them..
..tomorrow we will celebrate our first kiss. i wonder what that'll entail?..

Friday, September 3, 2010

..matt's encounter with a set of zoobies..

..i'm not sure why but for whatever reason i can never seem to remember everything i need for the day. on a regular basis matt and i will start our way outside when i remember and blurt out "i don't have my ring!" (that would be my WEDDING ring) and matt says "it's in my pocket", turns around, pulls it out, puts in on my finger, kisses me quick, and says "i love you." and then we hurry off to here and there. we're typically running late because who would i be if i wasn't? lately though in addition to my ring i have this tendency to forget my phone and for those of you that know me i'm pretty much naked without my phone. i blame it on school starting. i have to much junk to remember to gather that my phone just isn't a priority anymore. remember when we used to not have cell phones? weird. anyways..on days like today when i don't have my cell phone my cute husband and i email back and forth. today i went to a meeting and came back to a series of messages. below is our conversation. i laughed. hope you enjoy...

message from matthew king:
So I am sitting here doing my math homework having to listen to some guy and
girl having a DTR. They met for lunch and took notes on what they were going
to talk about and everything. It is ridiculous. Haha. It's so dumb. What's
funny is is that they are in my LDS Marriage and Family class.

message from matthew king:
Now they are talking about the first time they kissed and this girl is
saying that she was prompted by the spirit to kiss this guy. This
conversation is ridiculous. Haha.

message from marissa king:
That's hilarious! Do they seem to be normal people? Or weirdos?

message from matthew king:
Weirdos for sure.

message from marissa king:
That's what you get for going to BYU.

..i'd have to throw this little couple into the zoobie category and for the record ZOOBIES do exsist. BYU has even confirmed it. check out this article. i personally enjoy this definition provided by urban dictionary when the term "zoobie" was googled-

"A zoobie is a term for a certain genre of people who attend BYU. The term evolved from the word zoo, which was a common nickname for the university in the 80's. Possible explanations for this nickname may include the chaotic, often carnival-like atmosphere of raging hormones and desperate hunting for mates.
A zoobie is the quintessential BYU student. A zoobie is just a member of the flock of sheep. Zoobies don't think for themselves, they are the oblivious morons who roam BYU campus in droves.
You can't tell a zoobie by appearance only, although there is certainly a stereotyped look. Preppy sweater boys and plastic girls are often associated with zoobiehood."

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

..we're moving on..

..we're moving onto the next bill..
..this little puppy got paid off today..

..and we couldn't be happier about it..'s one less thing to focus on and hold us back from financial freedom.. as a brief explanation before you judge us..when we got engaged we were both going to school full time, newly returned missionaries, and as poor as poor could get. not to mention prideful therefore asking for help from either set of parental units was not in the plan. thus we financed my ring. we got a wicked sweet deal and started to build some credit for matt so it all worked out pretty well. it's such a great feeling to know you don't owe someone else the buckaroos. simply wonderful. but now that's paid off we're moving onto the next one..
..hello student loans..

..crazy in love..

..every morning matt leaves for work at 3:20 am..i have no idea how he does it. sometimes i miss seeing him in the morning and during the day but i try to keep it a secret because it makes it harder for us both. anyways TODAY in the spirit of love...haha! that was funny to me...anyways i woke up and our apartment was COVERED in post its just like this. cute huh? pretty positive my husband is crazy in love with me..

..i hope we always do cheesy newly wed things..