Love is not about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship. It's not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

..disney world 1..

..our vacation has arrived!!!.. 
..earlier this year matt and i made plans for our annual summer vacation and decided we'd spend our time in florida soaking up the sun and taking in the disney magic. plus i said disneyland was better than disneyworld and matt wanted to prove me wrong. the planning process we recruited our brothers to come as well. so both jared's saved and paid their way to spend a week in florida with their favorite siblings. it's been so fun to have them here. they both really look up to matt and matt enjoys spending time with them. it's been really fun for me to watch.. 
..we arrived in florida LATE last night. our flight from salt lake went straight through to orlando and it was the WORST flight i have ever been on. there was horrible turbulence and some crazy in the air turn that made me pee a little but after 4 glorious hours we made it safe and sound. we picked up our rental car and made our way to the hotel. which is only maybe 10 minutes away from the airport but took over an hour to get to because we got on the wrong freeway. always an adventure with the kings. ps-totally ran over a dead possum. it was an accident. i was trying not to run over it but totally nailed it. after we finally arrived at the resort via the kind lady from a del taco it was only 2 in the morning. but don't worry they put us in the wrong room so we were short a bed and because it was 2 am and my tolerance level was a bit low and the a/c wasn't working i called and complained and they moved us across the resort. now our room is the correct size and the temperature is 65. so nice. SIDE NOTE-i've NEVER felt anything like the humidity that's here. ugh. you can go from the perfect temp. to soaking in sweaty/muggy air in 30 seconds or less. so gross..

..we started our day at 8 am at epcot and cruised through the park. my absolute favorite part was "the seas" portion. why you ask? because my life long dream came true! since the third grade i've always wanted to see a manatee in real life and matt made plans for us to go to sea world while we're here so my dream could come true. but you know what is better than sea world dreams?? DISNEY DREAMS. oh it was wonderful!! we were just passing through the bottom floor of the building when all of sudden matt and grabbed me and pulled me to a giant tank and right there before my eyes were 2 MANATEES!! just eating some lettuce. it was awesome. weird dream i know..but so great to have it come dream.. 
..hello little manatee.. also POURED for a good 3-4 hours. we spent $32 on 4 panchos and it's probably the best purchase we've ever made. i would have died it we hadn't had them. we walked around for awhile in those until mine and matt's feet were so soggy we couldn't stand it. the jareds were still going strong though and wanted to go to magic kingdom. so, matt and i went back to the resort to switch shoes and take a nap while they played in the rain. matt and i made our way back to disneyworld later in the evening after the rain had stopped. we met up with the boys, rode the buzz lightyear ride a couple times, spent $3.50 on bottled water (all the water here tastes like the great salt lake smells...i hate sulfer.), watched part of a parade, and then made our way back to the resort.. 

..panchos aren't flattering at all.. was one busy day but such a great start to the vacation! i need to take more pictures...i'm hoping the weather is a little better as the week goes on...

Sunday, June 12, 2011 troubles..

..i HATE HATE HATE car troubles. in fact, i really do not like our car. stupid jetta. today we were in herriman for church. it was nice and then we enjoyed a little bbq with some friends of matt's from tennessee. it was a warm, pleasant afternoon until the car started to overheat on bangerter highway. it happened so quick. all of a sudden the a/c wasn't so cool and before you know it's overheating and we're off to the side of the road. stupid stupid car. after an hour or two of my dad and brother trying to get us on our way we decided to have it towed home instead. my dad searched around town looking for an open auto care store to get the special european coolant we needed while my brother switched cars with my mom to tow our car to orem, just in case. the coolant overflowed because after about a mile it would overheat again and because everything is so compact...real brilliant...there wasn't anywhere to attach the tow rope. so we called a couple tow truck companies and after the tow truck dude had to go back to his house to get the invoice book we were on our way back to orem. 4 HOURS from start to finish we were at our home sweet home.. 
..awesome sunday. very relaxing. super blessed to have the family we do that'll get up and go to help save the day. and you can't beat having insurance that'll cover the cost of the tow truck..
..HATE the jetta. keep your fingers crossed that it's nothing outrageously expensive..

Wednesday, June 8, 2011 first online order..


..i got my first online order this week with {mad dash gifts}. exciting huh? thank you sister sobczak! she lives in nebraska and wanted to give something to her daughter in provo. so i put together what she wanted, wrapped up all cute, and dropped it off. yeah! for the first online gig..

..cute right?..

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

..goodbye spaghetti bottle. hello new storage jars..

..cute huh? for whatever reason i always feel guilty about throwing away glass jars, especially big ones. i know it's weird but i always think i could maybe use it for something else. recently i've saved two of them and last night when i was making cookies i thought to myself, "hey! i'll put salt and stuff in those spaghetti jars." and voila we now have storage containers..

Sunday, June 5, 2011

..i'm sick of being sick..

..hello there. it's been awhile. i was doing so well at keeping things up to date and here i am a week behind. oh well. let me give the up date on life at the king home...
1. i've been sick ALL week. i've never felt like this and it's been miserable. i went to work for 4 hours on thursday and thats it for the entire week. the rest of my time has been spent at home on the couch watching episodes of our favorite tv comedies (so glad we have hulu and netflix) or in bed..which is currently on the front room floor because the apartment gets a bit warm and there is ZERO air flow to the bedroom. good thing work at uvu is in its slow season. it won't last much longer but at least right now its ok. the theater on the other hand has been a little hectic. we worked 3 nights this week which probably wasn't the best for the immune system.
2. matt has been pluggin away at his school work. 3 days a week he takes the bus..he LOVES public sandy, hops onto trax to murray, and takes another bus to salt lake community college. it makes for a long day but for cheap tuition, transferrable credits, and extra  money in the bank doesn't make it too bad. the rest of the week is spent on his online classes. i'm counting down the many days where neither of us will be in school but then again i don't know if it'll ever happen. i'm getting the itch to go back and its only been a month. i've been looking at event management programs at george washington university...i tell you what if i could afford $28,000 in tuition i'd totally be there.
3. we participated in a mini golf tournament on wednesday evening. my mom's work sponsored it to raise money for primary children's hospital. it was supposed to be a couple weeks ago but with our crazy utah weather it was rained out and postponed. it was really fun to spend time with my side of our family plus my mom won a dutch oven that she let us have. matt and i saw a dutch oven demo a few weeks ago and we caught the camping bug. we're pretty excited for our 3rd annual one night campout with some of our friends.
4. today we went to a baby blessing. i love baby blessings. there is just something about a father or loved one asking heavenly father to give that new little person extra protection for the journey they'll be on in the world they'll grow up in. i love it. my bff, kim, just had her first little bundle of joy just a little over a month ago and it was fun to see her doing the mommy thing. all growing up she's always done everything before i did and i've definitely reaped the benefits of it. we have a very frank and honest relationship so it makes it easy to know what to expect because there isn't any sugar coating if you will. the baby...he's adorable.