Love is not about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship. It's not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

..totally passed..

..i PASSED..
..that's right! remember that paper that had to be written that i put off for a really long time and had to work on for what seemed like FOREVER?? well, i got it back on friday. and i passed!!..'s official. as long as i finish my current coursework and do "ok" on my paper presentation i will be master king (i'm making my students call me that for at least a week after graduation) as of may 6.. let me be honest about something. i really think that if i had put just a little more effort into it and perhaps didn't procrastinate to the extremity that i did i could have gotten a "pass with distinction" but i'll take a "pass" any day over "pass with revision"..
..isn't it funny how we know what we're capable of something and we don't push ourselves to do it? we work so hard at the last minute and then we're satisfied with a mediocre result. what if we were consistent in our work? what if we put a solid effort in everything we did all the time? we're such a strange people. i totally know i shouldn't procrastinate but i do. and for whatever reason i'm totally ok with it. well, most of the time. sometimes bernice acts up a little bit because of the stress that comes with the procrastination and thats for sure not worth it. anyways..
ya for me!! i passed!!! i'm graduating!..

Thursday, March 3, 2011's brooke.. new follower is no other than BROOKE!..
totally makes sense now.

..brooke and i were roommates once upon a time. those were the days where jenny, karlie, carlee, and lisa lived with use too. the good ole days where we would pull pranks, stay up far too late, talk about boys, kiss boys, take turns using the washing machine, you know..the usual college dream life. now most are married, one has babies, we work full time, and never see each other. we should all get together sometime soon. especially since jenny works in utah county now..

..brooke, welcome to the blog. it's not to exciting but it's life. i'm excited to follow yours. i didn't know you had a poodle named truman??..

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

..who are you?..

..there is a new follower of my blog. so new that they weren't there a couple of hours ago. but i can't figure out who they are. they do however follow some of my friends' blogs but they are friends from different times of my life so i can't figure out what the connection is and who they are..

..who are you new friend?..

..the spill.. I've decided that I'm very blessed..
not really a surprise. day started with a crappy bagel and a cup of V-8 on ice spilled all over my desk, paperwork, and a co-workers book that I now get to replace. super awesome, right? let's just say that set the tone for one of those days where you think "can we please end this day?" it was just long and full of a lot of things that I didn't necessarily want to do. and to top it off I get to spend my evening at school. don't worry that the girl behind me that's freakin crazy just whispered to the girl next to her saying, "I've got a knife in my bag." not weird at all...

..enough with the complaining. it's been a long and I'm ready for bed BUT in the midst of it I have been very blessed. I have a job that I love despite the V-8 smell of my desk. the fact that I have a job is enough to be grateful for. my husband is so patient, kind, and forgiving despite my impatience, emotional craziness, and irrational nonsense. and on the way to school I heard from a friend that I absolutely love and adore. I haven't talked to her in awhile and it was such a blessing to talk to someone that completely understands me. given Matt is my very best friend. but he's not a girl. and although he gets it he doesn't always get it in the way that I necessarily want. if that makes sense? it made me realize that regardless of all the stuff that needs to be done talking to and spending time with those that I love is what I have to do. it's almost therapeutic. to sum it up I'm grateful that she felt prompted to check in. it's exactly what I needed after the spill..