Love is not about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship. It's not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Every Sunday...

Every Sunday I tell myself, "Today I'm going to update my blog!" and then next Sunday comes around and I still haven't done a thing. Here's to good intentions!

PS-This is my 100th post. What a waste.


The Mom! said...

My dearest marrisa no way!!! No post is a wasted post!!! I'm so proud of you every Sunday strive again!!! Don't ever give up or feel like its of no importance!!!! I miss you too by the way! Love me, Kelly

Andrew and Heather said...

I feel like this every day when I put my kids down for their naps, "I should blog but sitting on the couch and doing nothing but wasting time watching tv or browsing the internet sounds so much more fun!"