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Thursday, November 24, 2011

..of great gratitude.. is the day! the turkey..the pie..the family..the black friday preparations..what a wonderful way to spend the day! thanksgiving is always an eventful yet relaxing day. i love it! i love the month of november as people reflect on the things that bring them such joy. those moments of recognizing what means the most in life and how truly blessed we are. this year i have much to be thankful for. and even though i know i should do this more often i can't help but share the things that fill my heart with such gratitude.

1) my Savior, Jesus Christ and His gospel-i wouldn't have the peace and happiness that i do without Christ and His teachings. i'm so very thankful for the scriptures, a living prophet, the Temple, and the Holy Ghost. each of things help me live in a way that brings me closer to my Savior.

2) Matthew Ryan King- my dear sweet husband. i cannot comprehend life without that boy. no one makes me laugh harder, helps me to be my best self, work as hard, or even enjoy life the way he does. i couldn't ask for a more supportive and encouraging person to be my spouse. i love him more than i will ever be able to express.

3) family and friends- i have some of the very best family and friends. i am grateful that we live close enough that we are able to get together as often as we do. i am truly thankful for the encouragement and support that we've been given by our family and friends. it's such a relief and blessing to know that we have such remarkable people there if we need them and so quick to offer help in any circumstance.

4) our home-this year has been exciting as Matt has taken on a new job that requires us to live on site. it has come with it's share of challenges but the blessings of it outweigh them by far. i'm grateful for Matt's dedication and diligence to his work that provides us with an incredible place to live.

5) my job- i love my job. even the hard days where i would be okay if i never saw another student again. i love that i get to watch others progress, accomplish goals, learn from failures, and find friendships that will last a lifetime. i am blessed to work in a place where i am able to express my own creativity and push myself to new limits. i am also so grateful for the income that it provides to help support our family.

it's such a blessing to have a day once a year where it's socially acceptable to throw out to the universe what we're thankful and grateful for. if only i could be better about sharing those thoughts with the world more often. may your day be filled with gratitude and love (even during those crazy black friday moments when you want to punch someone in the face!). happy thanksgiving..

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